About Us

 Elliott Interiors is more than meets the eye. And there is a lot to see, with over 400 pieces of original artwork from artists both local and worldwide, 15’ tall silk trees to unique accessories and lamps of every style. And furniture that will delight and surprise you, including Marge Carson, Elite Leather, Lexington, Bernhardt, Hooker Furniture, Ambella, Encore, Silkroute, Artisan House, Drexel, Eastern Accents, Environment Furniture, Jaunty rugs, Johnston Casuals, Marianna, Old Biscayne, Orient Express, Our House, Uttermost, Steve Silver, Cyan Designs, Ren-Wil, Interlude, Manchester LTD and many, many others.

Yet, there is much more that greets the eye. The store is based on the concept of specializing in providing high-end design to a comfortable way of living. Bringing elegance, romance and style into the interior of a home is our goal. We do that through unique sourcing and purchasing and an incredible attentiveness to detail in design. We expect to bowl over our clients with what we put into each and every project.

Our home furnishing store- although opened May 20, 2010- has been a vision for many years and we have decades of experience in the design and furniture Industry.

The furnishings and design store shows off our passion for furniture and design. As you enter the building we know you will be very pleasantly surprised with the style, beauty and elegance we have put together for you.

“We wanted a store that you would walk into and find it comfortable, elegant and beautiful all at the same time, we think we have achieved that.”

Lake living offers incredible beauty and all of us that live or vacation here enjoy the beauty the lake area has to offer. A lot of that time is spent in our homes, entertaining, working and just living life. Shouldn’t all that valuable time be in an environment that is uplifting, elegant, and reflective of your style? Well, that’s what we do for you.

The over 24,000 square feet of furnishings, plants and accessories is just the tip of the iceberg. John Elliott Interiors will design new or renovate existing spaces, from top to bottom in your home. With over fifteen key partners John Elliott Interiors can do the ‘whole shebang’. Whether you need granite custom cabinets, audio visual, high-end appliances, flooring, window treatments, painting, and faux painting. Whatever your interior needs, we can handle it quick, easy and right for you.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.